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The test exposes our cheat, so we need to find a better way to generate ids.
Listing 14.39 uses a simple variable that is incremented each time a message is
Listing 14.39 Assigning unique integer ids
var id = 0;
var chatRoom = {
addMessage: function (user, message, callback) {
/* ... */
if (!err) {
data = { id: id++, user: user, message: message };
/* ... */
Tests are passing again. You might worry that we're not actually storing the
message anywhere. That is a problem, but it's not currently being addressed by the
test case. To do so we must start testing message retrieval.
14.3.4 Fetching Messages
In the next chapter we will interface with the chat backend using the comet-
Client from Chapter 13, Streaming Data with Ajax and Comet. This means that
chatRoom needs some way to retrieve all messages since some token. We'll add a
getMessagesSince method that accepts an id and yields an array of messages
to the callback. The getMessagesSince Method
The initial test for this method in Listing 14.40 adds two messages, then tries to
retrieve all messages since the id of the first. This way we don't program any as-
sumptions about how the ids are generated into the tests.
Listing 14.40 Testing message retrieval
testCase(exports, "chatRoom.getMessagesSince", {
"should get messages since given id": function (test) {
var room = Object.create(chatRoom);
var user = "cjno";
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