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Listing 14.16 Expecting post to add message
"should add message from request body": function (test) {
var data = { data: { user: "cjno", message: "hi" } };
this.controller.chatRoom = { addMessage: stub() };;
this.req.emit("data", encodeURI(JSON.stringify(data)));
var args = this.controller.chatRoom.addMessage.args;
As before, we call the post method to have it add its request body listeners,
then we emit some fake request data. Finally we expect the controller to have called
chatRoom.addMessage with the correct arguments.
To pass this test we need to access this.chatRoom from inside the anony-
mous “end” event handler. To achieve this we can bind it to avoid having to manu-
ally keep local references to this . At the time of writing, V8 does not yet support
Function.prototype.bind , but we can use the custom implementation from
Listing 6.7 in Chapter 6, Applied Functions and Closures. Save the implementation
in deps/function-bind.js and Listing 14.17 should run as expected.
Listing 14.17 Adding messages on POST
var chatRoomController = {
/* ... */
post: function () {
/* ... */
this.request.addListener("end", function () {
var data = JSON.parse(decodeURI(body)).data;
this.chatRoom.addMessage(data.user, data.message);
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