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Listing 14.15 Sharing setup
function controllerSetUp() {
var req = this.req = new EventEmitter();
var res = this.res = {};
this.controller = chatRoomController.create(req, res);
this.jsonParse = JSON.parse;
function controllerTearDown() {
JSON.parse = this.jsonParse;
/* ... */
testCase(exports, "chatRoomController.create", {
setUp: controllerSetUp,
/* ... */
testCase(exports, "", {
setUp: controllerSetUp,
tearDown: controllerTearDown,
/* ... */
With this change the tests should refer to controller , req and res as
properties of this . Extracting the Message
With the request body readily parsed as JSON, we need to extract the message
from the resulting object and pass it somewhere it will be kept safe. As we're going
through this exercise top-down, we don't have a data model yet. We will have to
decide roughly what it's going to look like, and stub it while we finish the post
Messages should belong to a chat room. As the chat room needs to persist
between requests, the controller will depend on the server assigning it a chatRoom
object, on which it can call addMessage(user, message) .
The test in Listing 14.16 verifies that post passes data to addMessage
according to this interface.
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