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var controller = chatRoomController.create(req, res);
test.inherits(controller, chatRoomController);
test.strictEqual(controller.request, req);
test.strictEqual(controller.response, res);
Notice that Node's assertions flip the order of the arguments compared with
what we're used to with JsTestDriver. Here, the order is actual, expected
rather than the usual expected, actual . This is an important detail to get
right, as failure messages will suffer if we don't.
As V8 implements parts of ECMAScript5, we can pass this test by using
Object.create , as Listing 14.9 shows.
Listing 14.9 Creating controllers
var chatRoomController = {
create: function (request, response) {
return Object.create(this, {
request: { value: request },
response: { value: response }
The test passes. Defining request and response this way means that their
enumerable , configurable and writable attributes are set to the default
value, which in all cases is false . But you don't need to trust me, you can test it using
test.isWritable , test.isConfigurable and test.isEnumerable ,
or their counterparts, test.isNot* .
14.2.4 Adding Messages on POST
The post action accepts JSON in the format sent by cometClient from
Chapter 13, Streaming Data with Ajax and Comet, and creates messages. If your
memory's a bit rusty on the JSON format, a sample request to create a message can
be seen in Listing 14.10.
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