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There are only two Boolean values: true and false . They are named after George Boole,
an English mathematician who worked in the field of algebraic logic. Boolean values are
fundamental in the logical statements that make up a computer program. Every value in
JavaScript has a Boolean value and most of them are true (these are known as 'truthy' val-
To find the Boolean value of something, you can use the Boolean function like so:
<< true
<< true
<< false
Only seven values are always false and these are known as falsy values:
* "" // double quoted empty string
* '' // single quoted empty string
* 0
* NaN
* false
* null
* undefined
Note: Truthy and Falsy Values
The fact that empty strings and zero are considered falsy can cause confusion
at times, especially since other programming languages don't behave simil-
arly. A ninja needs to be especially careful when dealing with numbers that
might be zero, or strings that are empty.
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