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Another advantage of using standard coding practices is that it makes sharing code between
developers a cinch. If you use the same style and terminology, developers will find it much
easier to follow your code. Patterns often have names attached to them (for example, the
IIFE pattern that we've seen previously). This makes it easier to discuss different patterns,
since the name can be referred to explicitly.
An antipattern is a piece of code that's accepted bad practice. It generally causes more
problems than it solves and should be avoided.
As you write more JavaScript, it's a good idea to try and follow as many patterns as pos-
sible. They'll save you from having to reinvent the wheel and help you to write reusable
code that is easier for others to read. A good resource for learning more about JavaScript
patterns is Learning JavaScript Design Patterns by Addy Osmani.
Build Things
You can learn all the theory you want, but the only way you'll actually develop your coding
style it to go out and build things. By putting ideas into practice and solving real problems,
you'll really start to get a feel for the language. There is nothing better for improving your
technique than writing code. So get writing! In the next section, there are some ideas for
what you can build.
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