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Figure 15.1. The MVC architecture
Note: MV*
It is quite common to see the acronym MV* used to describe JavaScript
frameworks, rather than MVC. This is because many JavaScript implement-
ations do not strictly follow the controller pattern. Sometimes controller
code is mixed into the views, and sometimes other patterns are used such
as Model-View-Presenter (MVP), Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), and
Angular, which calls itself a Model-View-Whatever (MVW) framework.
These tend to be only slight variations on the MVC pattern, but for simpli-
city MV* is used as a catch-all term.
A Quick List Example
Here's an example of how the MVC architecture can be implemented using JavaScript. It
will be a simple list creator that allows the user to add items to a list by entering them into
a form field.
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