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Then it can be included in any project by using a require statement at the start of any
file that uses jQuery. For example, the following line will include the jQuery library in the
bundle file that Browserify creates:
var $ = require('jquery');
More information about getting started with Browserify can be found in this post by Patrick
Bower is a package manager, developed by Twitter, that can be used for managing versions
of libraries employed in a project. Installed Bower using npm:
bower install jquery
You can also install a specific version of a package:
bower install jquery#1.11.1
And keep these packages up to date:
bower update
All Bower packages have a bower.json specification file that outlines the package's de-
pendencies; for example, the backbone package depends on the underscore package.
So if you were to install Backbone, Bower will automatically install Underscore as a de-
Ender is a package manager created by Dustin Diaz that can install packages and manage
dependencies. It lets you select just the packages you require and then mix and match them
into a custom-built framework containing only the functionality needed. All the methods
from the different frameworks and modules are all put together under the $ namespace, so
any methods can be called using the $ notation, just like using jQuery.
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