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position.speed property returns the ground speed of the device in meters per
position.altitude property returns an estimate of the device's altitude in
meters above the WGS84 ellipsoid, which is a standard measurement for the cen-
ter of the Earth
position.heading property returns the direction the device is moving in as a
bearing in degrees, measured clockwise from North
position.timestamp property returns the time that the position information
was recorded
The position object also has properties that calculate the accuracy of the measurements.
These can be useful as sometimes you only need to know the town or city users are in,
while at other times you may need their exact position. position.accuracy property
returns the accuracy of the latitude and longitude properties in meters. The lower
the returned value the more accurate the measurements are, as is the case for the pos-
ition.altitudeAccuracy property, which returns the accuracy of the altitude
property in meters.
In addition, the geolocation object has a watchPosition() method that will call a
callback function every time the position of the device is updated. This method returns an
ID that can be used to reference the position being watched:
if(navigator.geolocation) {
var id = navigator.geolocation.watchPosition(youAreHere);
The clearWatch() method can be used to stop the callback being called, using the ID
of the watch as an argument:
The Geolocation API provides a useful interface for adding location-based information to a
website or application. More information can be found at the Mozilla Developer Network.
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