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Because browser vendors such as Apple, Mozilla, and Opera were part of the WHATWG,
many of HTML5's features were implemented relatively quickly and it was soon being
used in real-world applications. The speed of adoption in the wild has meant that it has be-
come the de facto standard used to create all modern websites and applications.
A big feature of the HTML5 specification is that it is separated into modules . This allows
different features to be developed at different paces and then implemented without having
to wait for other features to be completed. It also means that when a previously unforeseen
development occurs, a new module can be created to cater for it. Modules can be at differ-
ent stages of maturity, from ideas to full implementation. A useful site that checks to see if
a specific feature can be used is Can I Use ________ ?
You can find out more about the HTML5 standard by reading Jump Start HTML5 Basics
by Tiffany Brown.
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