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Public and Private Methods
By default, an object's methods are public in JavaScript. Methods and properties are said
to be public because they can be queried directly and changed by assignment.The dynamic
nature of the language means that an object's properties and methods can be changed after it
has been created.
The name and weapon properties of our example object are said to be public:
<< "Sai"
We can use the concept of variable scope to keep properties private and prevent them from
being changed. A getter method can then be used to return their values. In this example, the
Turtle() constructor function is modified to include a private _color property:
function Turtle(name,color) { = name;
this.sayHi = function() {
return "Hi dude, my name is " +;
// This property will only available inside the
var _color = color;
this.getName = function() {
return _name;
this.getColor = function() {
return _color;
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