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Prototypal Inheritance
JavaScript uses a prototypal inheritance model. To see how this works, let's make a con-
structor function for creating turtles:
var Turtle = function(name) { = name;
this.sayHi = function() {
return "Hi dude, my name is " +;
This can then be used to create a new turtle instance:
var leo = new Turtle("Leonardo");
<< {"name": "Leonardo", "sayHi": function () {
return "Hi dude, my name is " +;
The variable leo points to an instance of the Turtle constructor. It has a name property
and a sayHi() method that refers to the name property:;
<< "Leonardo"
<< "Hi dude, my name is Leonardo"
The Prototype Object
In the last chapter we saw that functions have properties and methods. All functions have a
prototype property that returns an object, which is initially empty:
<< {}
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