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it("should say a non-integer is not prime", function() {
If you reload the SpecRunner.html file, you'll see that the tests for the factorsOf()
function fail as expected, but the tests for the isPrime() function pass. This is by a
happy accident because the factorsOf() function is returning an empty array that is not
of length 2 , so false is returned as expected.
Let's try and make all the tests pass by throwing some exceptions in the factorsOf()
function. Change the factorsOf() function to the following in numberCruncher.js:
src/numberCruncher.js (incomplete, excerpt)
function factorsOf(n) {
if (n < 0) {
throw new RangeError("Argument Error: Number must be
if (Math.floor(n) !== n) {
throw new RangeError("Argument Error: Number must be
var factors = [];
for (var i=1 , max = Math.sqrt(n); i <= max ; i++) {
if (n%i === 0){
return factors.sort(function(a,b) { return a > b; });
Now the function checks to see if a negative number or non-integer has been provided as
an argument and throws an exception in both cases. Let's run our tests again by refreshing
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