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Programming is about making computers do what you want. A computer program is basic-
ally a series of instructions that tell your computer how to perform a task. Unfortunately,
though, computers don't speak the same language as us―they only use 1s and 0s. The first
computers were programmed using punched cards, with a hole representing a 1 and no hole
representing 0. Machine code and assembly language are low-level programming languages
that are closely associated with a computer's hardware. These can be difficult in which to
program because they involve writing very abstract code that is heavily tied to a computer's
Alternatively, high-level programming languages allow abstractions such as functions and
logical statements to be used, making code easier for humans to read and write. Programs
are written in a language such as C, C++ or Java, which is then compiled into machine code
and executed. These programs are usually very fast and are often used to write games and
professional business software where speed is important.
Interpreted high-level languages that are translated into machine code at run time are often
referred to as scripting languages . They typically run slower than compiled languages, al-
though interpreters are becoming more and more sophisticated, increasingly blurring the line
between compiled and interpreted languages.
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