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Removing Event Listeners
An event listener can be removed using the removeEventListener() method. To see
an example, add this paragraph to events.htm:
<p id="once">A one time thing</p>
Now add the following code to scripts.js:
once = document.getElementById("once");
once.addEventListener("click", remove);
function remove(event) {
console.log("Enjoy this while it lasts!"); = "pink";
This adds a click event listener to a paragraph element, but then removes it in the callback
function named remove . This means it will only be called once (try clicking on it again and
nothing happens).
Note: Removal Reference
Note that you cannot use anonymous functions as an argument to ad-
dEventListener() if you want to remove it later. This is because there
needs to be a reference to the same function name in the arguments of re-
moveEventListener() .
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