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Updating CSS
Every element node has a style property. These can be used to dynamically modify the
presentation of any element on a web page.
To see an example of this, reload the page again to reset the DOM. We can add a border to
the swim paragraph with the following code:
var swim = document.getElementsByClassName('swim')[0];
<< undefined = "blue 2px solid";
<< "blue 2px solid"
Camel Case Properties
Any CSS property names that are separated by dashes must be written in camelCase nota-
tion, so the dash is removed and the next letter is capitalized because dashes are not legal
characters in property names.
For example, background-color becomes backgroundColor . We can change the
color of the bike background to green using this code:
var bike = document.getElementById("bike");
<< undefined = "green";
<< "green"
You can see this change in Figure 6.11 .
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