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Live Collections
The node lists returned by the document.getElementsByClassName() and docu-
ment.getElementsByTagName() methods are live collections that will update to re-
flect any changes on the page. For example, if a new element with the class swim is added
or an existing one is removed, the node list updates automatically. Therefore, its use is dis-
couraged for performance reasons, but it can be useful.
To see an example of this, reload the page again to reset the DOM to its original state. Let's
take a look at how many elements are in the sports section:
var sports = document.getElementById("sports");
<< undefined
<< 3
Now remove the swim paragraph:
var swim = document.getElementsByClassName('swim')[0];
<< undefined
<< <p class="swim">
<< 2
You need to be careful when referring to elements by their index in a collection, as this can
change when markup is added or removed. For example, we saw earlier that the run para-
graph could be accessed using this line of code:
<< undefined
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