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Classes of an Element
The className Property
As we've seen, we can modify the class name of an element using the setAttribute()
method. There is also a className property that allows the class of an element to be set
directly. In addition, it can be used to find out the value of the class attribute:
<< "swimming"
We can change the class back to swim with the following code:
swim.className = "swim"
<< "swim"
The classList Property
The classList property is a list of all the classes an element has. It has a number of
methods that make it easier to modify the class of an element. It's supported in all modern
browsers and in Internet Explorer from version 10 onwards.
The add method works in a similar way to the addClass function we created above, and
can be used to add a class to an element. For example, we could add a class of "sport" to the
run element:
<< undefined
The remove method will remove a specific class from an element. For example, we could
remove the class of "swim" from the swim element:
<< undefined
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