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Getting and Setting Attributes
All HTML elements have a large number of possible attributes such as class , id , src ,
and href . The DOM API contains getter and setter methods that can be used to view, add,
remove, or modify the value of any of these attributes.
Getting an Element's Attributes
The getAttribute() method returns the value of the attribute provided as an argument:
<< "swim"
var meta = document.getElementsByTagName("meta")[0];
<< undefined
<< "utf-8"
If an element does not have the given attribute, it returns null :
<< null
Setting an Element's Attributes
The setAttribute can change the value of an element's attributes. It takes two argu-
ments: the attribute that you wish to change and the new value of that attribute.
For example, if we wanted to change the class of the swim element to swimming , we could
do so using this code:
swim.setAttribute("class", "swimming");
<< undefined
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