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Finding the Value of a Node
Finding the text contained within an element is actually trickier than it sounds. For example,
the variable swim has a DOM node that contains the following HTML:
<p class="swim">Swim</p>
It clearly contains the text "swim", but this is held in a text node, which is the first child of
the swim node:
swimTextNode = swim.firstChild;
<< #text "Swim
Now that we have a reference to the text node, we can find the text contained inside it using
the nodeValue method:
<< "Swim"
A quicker way of doing this is to use the textContent property. This will return the text
content of an element as a string:
<< "Swim"
Note that Internet Explorer version 8 does not support the textContent property, but has
the innerText property, which works in a similar way.
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