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This looks for zero or more occurrences of any character, followed by an escaped period,
followed by the letters " pdf " that must come at the end of the string:
<< true
<< false
String Methods
There are a number of string methods that accept regular expressions as a parameter.
The split() method that we saw in Chapter 2 can also accept a regular expression that's
used to split a string into the separate elements of an array:
"Hello World from JavaScript!".split(/\s+/) // splits
the string
on one or more occurrences of a white space character
<< ["Hello", "World", "from", "JavaScript!"]
The match() method returns an array of all the matches:
"JavaScript".match(/[aeiou]/); // return the first vowel
<< ["a"]
"JavaScript".match(/[aeiou]/g); // return an array of all
the vowels
- note the 'g' flag
<< ["a", "a", "i"]
The search() method returns the position of the first match:
"I'm learning JavaScript".search(/java/i);
<< 13
The replace() method replaces any matches with another string:
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