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Trigonometric Functions
The Math object also has the standard trigonometric functions, which are very useful when
working with geometrical objects. All angles are measured in radians for these functions.
Note: Remind Me About Radians
Radians are a standard unit of angular measurement, equal to the angle of
the circle's center corresponding to the arc that subtends it.
The Math.sin() returns the sine of an angle:
> Math.sin(Math.PI/6); // this calculation contains
rounding errors,
it should be 0.5
<< 0.49999999999999994
The Math.cos() returns the cosine of an angle:
> Math.cos(Math.PI/6);
<< 0.8660254037844387
The Math.tan() returns the tangent of an angle:
> Math.tan(Math.PI/4); // another rounding error, this
should be 1
<< 0.9999999999999999
> Math.tan(Math.PI/2); // this should be NaN or Infinity
<< 16331778728383844
The Math.asin() returns the arcsine of a number. The result is an angle:
> Math.asin(1);
<< 1.5707963267948966
The Math.acos() returns the arccosine of a number. The result is an angle:
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