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<< {"allies": ["Batman", "Supergirl", "Superboy"], "city":
"Metropolis", "fly": function (){
console.log("Up, up and away!");
}, "height": 75, "hero": true, "name": "Superman", "real
"Kal-El", "villain": false, "weight": 235}
Removing Properties
Any property can be removed from an object using the delete operator. For example,
if we wanted to remove the fly method from the superman object, we would enter the
<< true
Now if we take a look at the superman object, we can see that he has lost his ability to
<< {"allies": ["Batman", "Supergirl", "Superboy"], "city":
"Metropolis", "height": 75, "hero": true, "name":
"real name": "Kal-El", "villain": false, "weight": 235}
Nested Objects
It's even possible for an object to contain other objects. These are known as nested objects .
Here's an example of an object that contains a list of other objects. It has been assigned to
the variable jla :
jla = {
superman: { realName: "Clarke Kent" },
batman: { realName: "Bruce Wayne" },
wonderWoman: { realName: "Diana Prince" },
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