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for(var key in superman) {
console.log(key + ": " + superman[key]);
Adding Properties
New properties and methods can be added to objects at any time in a program. This is done
by assigning a value to the new property. For example, if we wanted to add a new city
property to our superman object, we would do it like so: = "Metropolis"
<< "Metropolis"
Now if we take a look at the superman object, we can see that it has a city property:
<< {"city": "Metropolis", "fly": function (){
console.log("Up, up and away!");}, "height": 75, "name":
"real name": "Clark Kent", "weight": 235}
Notice that the properties don't necessarily appear in the order that they were entered. An
object is not an ordered list like an array, so you should never rely on the properties being
in a certain order.
Changing Properties
You can change the value of an object's properties at any time using assignment. For ex-
ample, we can change the value of the "real name" property like this:
superman['real name'] = "Kal-El"
<< "Kal-El"
We can check the update has taken place by taking a look at the object:
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