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the function. This means that b is the same variable both inside and outside the function
and the value of b is overwritten globally to be 4 .
Here's another example that creates a global variable from within a function that is then
still accessible from outside of function:
function localc() {
c = 5; // creates a new global variable
console.log("c inside function: " + c);
localc(); // invoke the localc function
console.log("c outside function: " + c);
This results in the following console log:
"c inside function: 5"
"c outside function: 5"
In the example, c is only defined inside the function, but because this is done without using
var , it has global scope and is also available outside the function.
Here's another function that creates a local variable inside the function that is not accessible
outside the function:
function locald() {
var d = 6; // creates a new local variable
console.log("d inside function: " + d);
locald(); // invoke the locald function
console.log("d outside function: " + d);
Here's the console log result:
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