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Notice that an empty array is returned, but the new value of "Ham & Mushroom" has been
inserted, which we can see if we look at the pizzas array:
<< ["Chicken & Bacon", "Mushroom", "Chicken and Pepper",
Deluxe", "Ham & Mushroom", "Spicy Beef", "Chicken and
We saw earlier that we can use the delete operator to remove an item from an array. Un-
fortunately, this leaves a value of undefined in its place. If you want to remove a value
completely, you can use the splice() method with a length of 1 and without specifying
any values to add:
pizzas.splice(2,1); // will remove the item at index 2
(i.e. the
third item in the array)
<< ["Chicken and Pepper"];
The value that has been removed will be returned as an array containing that value.
If we now look at the pizzas array, we can see that "Chicken and Pepper" has been re-
moved completely:
<< ["Chicken & Bacon", "Mushroom", "Veggie Deluxe", "Ham &
, "Spicy Beef", "Chicken and Mushroom"]
We can reverse the order of an array using the reverse() method:
<< ["Chicken and Mushroom", "Spicy Beef", "Ham &
"Veggie Deluxe", "Mushroom", "Chicken & Bacon"]
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