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Start at the Main Loop trailhead just off the parking lot.
Pass the Forest Range connector on the left (south). Continue on the Main Loop, making
a right bend heading north.
The Main Loop connector trail T branches with the north and south sections of the Main
Loop and connects with the Water Trail. Turn hard right and head north on the Main Loop.
There is a Y branch where Main Loop and Vista Loop join. Turn right (west) onto Vista
Loop. Within less than 0.1 mile, you'll come to where Fern Del Trail intersects Vista Loop
on the left (south). Turn left, heading south onto Fern Del. This is a steep, rugged trail.
This is the most difficult part of the hike. You can bypass this section by continuing on
Vista Loop at the intersection.
The Fern Del Trail intersects with Vista Loop and ends. Turn left and head west on Vista
Make a sharp left turn, heading south.
Pass the Upland Range connector trail to the Main Loop on the left (east).
The Vista Loop T's into and ends at the Main Loop. Take the right (south) leg of the Main
Take a hard left, heading north on the Main Loop where the Juniper Barrens Trail inter-
sects and ends at the Main Loop. Follow the Main Loop north for a very short distance to
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