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Reach a T with Cedar Flats Trail. Take the right branch heading southwest. Cedar Flats is
an asphalt trail. Almost immediately reach a composting toilet. Follow Cedar Flats right
when it Y's with Hillview. Go about 100 yards northwest and reach the observation tower.
Then backtrack to the Y where Cedar Flats and Hillview join.
Take the right branch at the Y with Hillview and Cedar Flats, heading east and then bear-
ing northeast.
Yucca Trail crosses Cedar Flats. Continue following Cedar Flats east.
Reach a Y and take the right branch, continuing east on Cedar Flats. The left branch is
Shady Creek Trail.
Pass the west leg of Shady Creek Trail as it dead-ends into Cedar Flats. Continue follow-
ing Cedar Flats east and then bear southeast.
Reach a T and take the left branch, heading east on Yucca Trail. Follow Yucca Trail back
to the trailhead.
Arrive back at the trailhead.
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