Graphics Programs Reference
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Figure 2-3 . Catchy Basket by MetaDesign Solutions Pvt Ltd
Simple UI designs in such games do not reflect limitations in the underlying hard-
ware, since most Android devices offer powerful and feature-rich UIs. We just want
the UI design to be as simple as it can be, in order to make the gameplay easy.
Although we have not yet discussed how to render graphics using ES 2.0, to develop
an understanding of UI design (for gameplay inputs) I shall introduce a feature of 3D
graphic rendering APIs called 3D-Transformation . 3D-Transformation is the process
of changing sizes, orientations, or positions of objects by mathematical operations,
such as Matrix Multiplication . There are three types of 3D-Transformation:
▪ Geometric or Modeling transformation
▪ Coordinate or Viewing transformation
▪ Perspective or Projection transformation
At this stage, Geometric transformation (Modeling transformation) should be suffi-
cient to better understand the game UI. Geometric transformation has three types:
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