Graphics Programs Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 2
Implementation Pre-
This chapter does not jump straight into ES 2.0 fundamentals, because there are some
prerequisites, such as knowledge of device inputs, for implementing OpenGL ES on
Android devices. Most coders are prone to errors when working with device inputs,
which play a crucial role in making ES 2.0 applications interactive, unless they have
a sound understanding of the inputs and the associated classes at work behind the
Before diving into the basic concepts of the programmable pipeline, I shall explain the
efficient usage of user interface (UI) on handhelds. You will learn to use buttons to
update the rendering on an OpenGL surface and then we will look into using screen
and sensors to obtain inputs, which can be used to move and animate game objects.
Selecting a Development Device: Why Up-
grade to Gingerbread?
For an interactive graphics application, such as a game, leaving a good impression
on users requires fulfilling certain conditions. The most crucial of these is lag time
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