Graphics Programs Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 1-24 . Raging Thunder by polarbit
This chapter discussed the basic differences between ES 1.x and 2.0 APIs, and how
those differences are likely to persist because of the great support for programmable
pipeline from leading CPU/GPU hardware manufacturers.
Since learning any new software technology can be difficult, the chapter also features
an introductory tour of the vast scope of programmable graphic rendering APIs on
various platforms, including modern browsers. It shows you how to create a simple
app that makes use of ES 2.0, illustrating how painless it is to use this API on
Android using the Android SDK.
In Chapter 2 you can read about some useful techniques for using OpenGL ES with
UIs, such as buttons and motion/position sensors, before diving into the ES 2.0 en-
vironment for rendering 3D graphics.
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