Graphics Programs Reference
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working with WebGL. One is three.js , a cross-browser JavaScript
library used with HTML5 Canvas. WebGL is based on OpenGL
ES 2.0, and, like OpenGL/OpenGL ES, WebGL is designed and
maintained by Khronos. Google Maps is one of the most popular
WebGL applications. In addition to this, Chrome Experiments
( Figure 1-21 ) contains a showcase of various applications
powered by WebGL.
Figure 1-21 . Chrome Experiments
Chrome Experiments is a showcase for creative web experiments, the vast majority
of which are built with the latest open technologies, including HTML5, Canvas,
SVG, and WebGL. These were made and submitted by talented artists and program-
mers from around the world. 1
The experiments are meant for Chrome browsers, but Mozilla Firefox and Safari are
also able to run most of these.
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