Graphics Programs Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 6
Taking the Develop-
ment Ahead
In this chapter, we will continue the development of our Tank Fence game. For this,
we will be using the TANK FENCE 3 application from the previous chapter. First, you
have to make small changes to the UI of this application. Then, I will introduce two
new classes to help us deal with Missile and Enemy game objects.
Specifying the Render Mode
In some graphical applications, rendering may not be required in a persistent manner,
such as an application where you simply rotate a 3D object about various axes. For
such applications, rendering is only required when a specific event has been dis-
patched (e.g., touch event).
If there was a way we could explicitly request rendering (upon listening the dispatched
event), it would be easy to reduce the power consumption on the device hosting the ap-
plication. This is especially crucial for GPU-powered OpenGL ES applications, run-
ning on mobiles and tablets.
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