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In-Depth Information
This additional section provides screen shots for the five basic components in
Figure 4-54 shows the Info window. It is positioned at the top of the Blender inter-
face. As previously explained, it consists of useful menus, such as File, Add, and
Figure 4-54 . Info Window
Figure 4-55 shows the 3D Window, also known as the 3D View (window). The 3D
Window is where we spend most of our time in Blender. In this window, we can re-
arrange the objects and edit their individual vertices. We can also define animation.
This window is positioned at the center of the Blender interface.
Figure 4-55 . 3D Window/3D View Window
Figure 4-56 shows the Timeline window. It is positioned at the bottom of the Blender
interface. As you may have guessed, Timeline is the core of the animation process in
Blender. It is most often used to scrub animations.
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