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Note tankFence5.obj and tankFence5.mtl files are also
available in the source code for this chapter. You can open and read
through them in your favorite text editor to understand more about
Obj and Mtl mesh data. Do not modify them!
Installing Perl
To get this parser into action, your system requires a Perl (version 5) installation. Of
course, if you are on a *nix system, Perl comes pre-installed. There are eight steps to
install Perl on Windows 7:
Note Perl (version 5) comes pre-installed with most *nix systems,
so there is nothing to install or configure. After creating a Perl script
(for example, ), you must add execute permissions to
run it. From shell, run " chmod + x ". Now, to run
this script, you can simply type " ".
If you are launching the script by running " perl ",
the script does not need execute permissions. If, however, you are
executing it using " " or " ./ ", it does
need execute permissions.
1. For this demonstration, we use ActivePerl —a closed-source distribution
of Perl from ActiveState . (You can read more about ActiveState at ht-
tp:// . ) Download
the ActivePerl installer corresponding to your system from . I downloaded the installer
highlighted in Figure 4-38 , as I have 32-bit Windows 7.
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