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Modeling Objects for the Game
This section shows how to model objects for the Tank Fence game. First, however,
you will find it helpful to work through a basic example of editing a mesh. Load a
new Blender file from the Info window.
Note Mesh is a primitive shape in Blender that can be used to mod-
el various complex shapes. There are various types of meshes in
Blender (for example, plane, cube, cone, torus), and, to use a mesh,
we must select it from the available meshes from the Add menu in
the Info window.
To edit meshes by making changes to their geometry (edges, faces, and vertices), we
must select the Edit mode from the 3D View header, as shown in Figure 4-5 . You can
also switch between Object and Edit modes by pressing Tab .
Figure 4-17 . Deleting object from the Outliner Window
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