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Unlike the functions in tool shelf Object-Tools panel, we explicitly provide (ob-
ject) transformation values in functions listed under the properties shelf Trans-
form panel .
Note Do not confuse the properties shelf ( Figures 4-7 and 4-8 ) with
the Properties window ( Figure 4-6 ).
Figure 4-9 . Object-Tools panel in the tool shelf
Translating Objects
Now, you will see how to translate objects along an axis. Select the cube object in the
world-space by clicking the label “Cube” in the Outliner window. From the “Object-
Tools” panel, click the “Translate” button under the label “Transform.”
Once you've done this, press the X key. The cube in the world-space can now trans-
late along a particular axis ( Figure 4-10 ) , which is the global x-axis in the world-
space (of 3D View ).
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