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All windows in Blender have a header, although in some cases the header may be
located at the bottom of the window. Figure 4-5 shows the 3D View (window), with
its header at the bottom (for options—View, Select, Object, etc.). Please note that the
entire layout shown in Figure 4-5 represents the 3D View .
The Info window (see Figures 4-4 and 4-19 ) consists of useful menus (for example,
File, Add, and Help), and it is only composed of a header.
Note You do not have to worry about the Timeline window; it is
used for animations.
The Outliner window (the right half of Figures 4-7 and 4-8 ) lists all the objects added
to the world-space of the 3D View . Outliner window is used for selecting, deleting
( Figure 4-17 ), and hiding objects modeled in Blender.
The Properties window ( Figure 4-6 ) displays panels of functions. A panel is a set of
related functions (for example, all of the rendering options are grouped under a panel
“Render”). The header of the Properties window is a row of buttons—called Context
buttons—that allow you to select which groups of panels are shown.
Figure 4-6 . Properties Window
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