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Chapter 11
Photoinduced Phase Transitions in MMX-Chain
Hiroyuki Matsuzaki and Hiroshi Okamoto
As mentioned in Chap. 5, 1D electronic systems are good targets for the exploration
of characteristic photoinduced phase transitions (PIPTs), since photocarrier
generations and/or charge-transfer excitations by photoirradiation can stimulate
instabilities inherent to the 1D nature of electronic states through strong
electron-electron interactions and electron (spin)-lattice interactions. Actually,
MX - chain compounds, the prototypical 1D electronic systems, exhibit characteris-
tic PIPTs such as the photoinduced transition from Mott insulator to metal, the
photoinduced transition from charge-density-wave state to Mott-Hubbard state,
and photoinduced transition from charge-density-wave state to metallic state (see
Chap. 5). The halogen-bridged binuclear metal compounds (the MMX-chain
compounds) focused here are other typical 1D electronic systems with strong
electron-electron interactions and electron (spin)-lattice interactions and are
promising targets for realizing characteristic PIPTs. In this chapter, we review the
PIPTs observed in the MMX-chain compounds.
The materials discussed here are iodine-bridged binuclear platinum compounds
(PtPtI-chain compounds), in which PtPtI chains dominate their electronic properties
[ 1 - 5 ]. Before discussing the phase control and PIPT in the PtPtI-chain compound,
we briefly review its crystal and electronic structure. This compounds have purely
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