HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 4.6 The confirm dialog box (Internet Explorer).
Figure 4.7 After the user clicks OK (left) or Cancel (right).
4.2 What You Should Know
This is a short chapter, but important for interacting with users. You will find yourself
using the alert() method more than the prompt() and confirm() methods because it offers
a quick way to help debug your programs, such as finding out what is being stored in
variables, what is returned from functions, the flow of execution, and so on. Before
going on, you should know:
1. To what object the alert() , prompt() , and confirm() methods belong.
2. Why you don't specify the name of the object with these methods.
3. The purpose of the alert dialog box.
4. How the prompt box works and how many arguments it takes.
5. When you would use the confirm() dialog box.
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