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Table 17.6
Metacharacters and Metasymbols (continued)
What It Matches
Character Class: Anchored Characters
Matches to beginning of line
Matches to end of line
Matches the beginning of the string only
Matches a word boundary (when not inside [ ] )
Matches a nonword boundary
Matches where previous m//g left off
Matches the end of the string or line
Matches the end of string only
Character Class: Repeated Characters
Matches 0 or 1 of x
Matches 0 or more of x
Matches 1 or more of x
Matches one or more patterns of xyz
Matches at least m of x and no more than n of x
Character Class: Alternative Characters
Matches one of was, were, or will
Character Class: Remembered Characters
Used for backreferencing (see the section “Remembering or
Capturing” on page 762)
\1 or $1
Matches first set of parentheses
\2 or $2
Matches second set of parentheses
\3 or $3
Matches third set of parentheses
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