HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
By using the id of the target, we get the value of the unique id that was assigned
to the object where the event occurred. The first div container is defined with an
id name “first” . The className property defines the class for this object. When the
mouse rolls over this div , it will turn “red”.
The function, unColorText() , is triggered when the mouse moves over the text in
one of the div s. This function works like the ColorText() function, but turns the
text black when the mouse moves over the text, rather than coloring it. (It also
changes the font size.) The results are shown in Figure 15.46.
The three div containers are set up and positioned for the document.
Figure 15.46 Before the mouse rolls over the first <div> block (top left); after the
mouse has left all three containers (right). The font has changed in size and color for
each div .
15.10 Unobtrusive JavaScript
In Chapter 1 we started talking about the three layers that make up a complete Web page:
1. The content or structural layer consisting of the HTML/XML markup.
2. The style or presentation layer consisting of the CSS style sheets.
3. The behavior layer consisting of JavaScript.
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