HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
A reference to a new br element is created.
A new text node is created to be placed in each paragraph.
A unique id attribute is set for each paragraph.
The getElementById() method returns a reference to the paragraph identified as
“aPara1”. The alert method displays the value of the reference.
Figure 15.17 Creating new elements and attributes with the DOM.
15.7.6 DOM Review: Creating a Blog
The next example, Example 15.10, is a program demonstrating how to use the DOM
methods and properties we have covered thus far. The idea is to dynamically add new
text entries, called blogs, into a Web page. The user will be presented with an area in
which to write his or her blog. After the user clicks the “Add a blog” button, JavaScript
will create a blog object and use DOM methods to define the structure of the new entry
in the document. 1 Each blog entry will be appended to the previous one with the blog-
ger's name, the date the blog was posted, and the blog message.
1. To save the blogs in a database or file, you will need a server-side program such as PHP or ASP.NET.
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