HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 14.37 The initial appearance of the document (left); after clicking the button, the
color, position, and size of the text is changed (right).
Figure 14.38 If text will not move in Internet Explorer and you see the security warning, click
the x and turn it off.
14.11.5 Drop-Down Menus and Tooltips
Drop-down menus are commonly used in Web pages to create submenus that appear
and then disappear when no longer needed. A tooltip is a small box of text that appears
near an object when the mouse moves over the object. The text in the box (which can
also contain an image) usually contains a brief text message pertaining to the object.
Both drop-down menus and tootips use the visibility property to bring the object into
view and then make it disappear depending on a user-initiated event.
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