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Figure 11.40 Multiple selections were made by the avid traveller.
Radio Buttons. Like the buttons on an old-fashioned radio, you can only push one
button when using HTML radio buttons. When a radio button is checked, it is selected,
and when another button is checked, the previously checked one is deselected. In short,
only one button at a time can be checked. This type of button is useful if you want a user
to be able to select only one of a list of items.
Radio buttons are created with the HTML <input type=“radio”> and are represented
in JavaScript as a radio object with specific properties and methods used to manipulate
the object. Each button is a property of the radio object and assigned to an array of ele-
ments in the order in which they are placed in the form. The checked property of the
radio object specifies whether a button was checked. It returns Boolean true if the button
was selected, and false if not.
Figure 11.41 How the radio object is created within the JavaScript hierarchy.
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