HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 11.16 An HTML form.
Submitting a Form with an Image Button. The image input type gives you
another way to submit a form. You can replace the standard Submit button with a graph-
ical image. The src attribute must be included to specify the location (URL) of the image.
As with other image tags, the alt attribute (HTML 4.0) should be used to give replacement
text for browsers that cannot load the image. Many browsers rely on either the name or
value attribute as alternate text, so if there is any doubt, all three attributes for the same
purpose should be used.
<head><title>An Image Input Type</title></head>
<body bgcolor="magenta"> <big>
<div align="center">
Enter your name:
<br />
<form action ="http://localhost/cgi-bin/example.cgi"
<input type="text" id="textfield" size=50 />
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