HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 11.9 The form from Example 11.4 using both the name and id attribute.
Figure 11.10 The PHP program responds. Note the name/value pair after the ? in
the Location box.
11.4.2 The Legacy DOM with Forms
The forms [] Array. Because the document contains forms, the form object is a prop-
erty of the document object . Every time you create a form in a given document, the
browser creates a unique form object and assigns it as an element of an array, called the
forms[] array. The index value of the array, starting at 0, corresponds to the order in
which the form occurs in the document; the first form is assigned to forms[0] , and each
successive form would get the next index value. When accessing a form from JavaScript,
the first form to appear in the page would be referred to as document.forms[0] and the
next form document.forms[1] , and so on. See Figure 11.11.
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