HTML and CSS Reference
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8.6 What You Should Know
Because JavaScript is based on all kinds of objects such as windows, documents, input
devices, buttons, and so on, in this chapter we talked about what objects are and how they
are used. The purpose of creating your own objects before talking about JavaScript's core
objects and DOM objects is to give you an understanding of the terminology and syntax
and how objects relate to each other in an object model. Now you should understand:
1. Why an object is a composite type.
2. Several ways to create an object.
3. How to use an object constructor.
4. The difference between properties and methods.
5. The difference between a method and a function.
6. How a function can act as a constructor.
7. What the this keyword is used for.
8. How to create an object literal.
9. How to use the with keyword.
10. How to extend an object with its prototype.
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