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Figure 7.8 Output from Example 7.5.
7.1.2 Return Values
Functions can return values with a return statement. The return keyword is optional and
can only exist within a function. When the return keyword is reached in a function, no
further processing within the function occurs. A return can be used to send back the
result of some task, such as a calculation, or to exit a function early if some condition
occurs. If a function doesn't have a return statement, it returns the undefined value.
return expression;
function sum (a, b) {
var result= a + b;
return result;
If the call to the function is made part of an expression, the returned value can be
assigned to a variable. In Example 7.6 the sum function is called with two arguments, 5
and 10 . The sum function's return value will be assigned to the variable total .
var total=sum(5, 10);
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