Environmental Engineering Reference
In-Depth Information
Fig. 7.1 Marche Regional
Ecological Network
(REM) and PPAR.
Comparison of functional
ecological units defined
by the REM and areas of
adaptation to the PPAR.
PPAR Piano Paesistico
Ambientale Regionale
(regional environmental
landscape plan)
The satisfaction of several basic standards of urban quality.
Containment lines for some industrial, productive, and residential expan-
sion .
Lines to reduce melding processes between urban contiguities.
Indications and orientations for new expansions and infrastructure story-
Ways to overcome bioconnection interruptions , especially close to where
the environmental network intersects with various pre-existing axes, either
designed or programmed (or through the introduction of wildlife crossings
with underpasses and overpasses).
The formation of tree stands, forest systems , and sound-absorbing barri-
ers for the reduction of the impacts produced by transportation and produc-
tion activities and for the redrawing of urban borders, ecotonal areas and
open spaces in the city.
The improvement of urban green areas, and sections of riparian vegeta-
tion , specifying the organization of appropriate forms of use related to the
overall design of the city and the objectives of the network.
Consequently, in the perspective of reducing occurrences of biological frag-
mentation, which have multiplied in the last 20(years due to the explosion of set-
tlement sprawl in the Adriatic city, the REM urges us to provide orientations for
a new city project, while also evaluating the formal and compositional balances
that open spaces, whether point-like or linear, can contribute to define, by redesign-
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